Trustee Reports

NCASLA Trustee Tim Maloney, ASLA

ASLA Board of Trustees
Oct 20-21, 2016, Annual Meeting
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Two Poydras St., St. James Room
New Orleans, LA

President’s Report
President Danos reviewed his activities since midyear to include 28 different events, 15 student chapter visits, and a total of 62 combined leadership visits.
Program and Operations Report
EVP Somerville reviewed program and operations highlights for the third quarter to include federal and state advocacy, public awareness, professional practice, the ASLA Center, and a look ahead into 2017. In addition, Somerville presented alert reader awards to Mr. Gilbey, Mr. Kovach, Mr. Schrader, Mr. Emmelkamp, Ms. O’Mahoney, Mr. Gorden, and Mr. Brown. She presented Wellness Role Model awards to Mr. LaPierre and Mr. Emmelkamp. She presented a Public Awareness Award to Mr.Truscott.
Annual Operating Plan
President-Elect Rinner presented the 2017 Annual Operating Plan and explained that the program and budget in 2017 builds on the strong positive momentum of what has been accomplished to date across all program areas. She highlighted significant program changes and additions to include full implementation of the new Student and Associate Advisory Committees, a pilot leadership development program, and implementation of the five-year stepped dues program for emerging professionals. Items related to growing the profession and increasing diversity include a Diversity Super Summit, a Landscape Architecture Magazine for kids, and a staff position in the Education Department to focus on career discovery and diversity. Related to climate change, ASLA will convene an interdisciplinary blue ribbon task force to develop climate change- and resilience-related public policy recommendations. Other key areas of focus are the new ASLA Center and its inaugural year of programming, the rebranding initiative, and upgrading the iMIS membership and LA CES database platforms.
2016 Finance & Investments Reports
VP Townsend and Treasurer O’Brien reported on financial activities through August 31, 2016, and cash and reserves as of September 14, 2016. Revenue was $5.5 million or 100 percent of the budget. Expenses were $6.6 million or 96 percent of the budget.
2017-2018 Operating Budgets
VP Townsend and Treasurer O’Brien presented the operating budget for 2017 to include on the revenue side a three-percent increase in dues, as well as three-percent increases in LAM, Annual Meeting, LA CES, Online Education and other areas. On the expense side, highlights include a three percent salary pool for merit increases, restoration of two percent of the 401K trigger, a staff position focused on career discovery and diversity, a five-percent increase in health insurance premiums and other fringe benefit costs, funding for a climate change summit, and funding for wellness and training
2017-2018 Capital Budgets
VP Townsend and Treasurer O’Brien presented the capital expenditure plans for 2017 and 2018 to include LA CES upgrade, ASLA rebranding, and ASLA Online.
ASLA-LAF Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
EVP Somerville presented a renewed MOU with the Landscape Architecture Foundation which will expire at the end of 2018. No substantive changes are needed from the current MOU.
Public Policies: Open Space, National Parks, Public Lands
VP Gyorgyfalvy and Director Hebron presented revisions to public policies on Open Space, National Parks, and Public Lands prepared by the Policy Committee and approved by the Executive Committee. Discussion ensued with several suggested modifications accepted as friendly amendments. Trustee Carlile pointed out that the policy rationale sections, which are not approved by the Board or intended for distribution, are available to non-members on the website. It was agreed to move the policy rationales to member-only access on the website.
Open Forum – Part I
Open Forum discussion topics were introduced
Federal Legislative Agenda
VP Gyorgyfalvy and Director Blackwell reviewed the process and recommendations for ASLA’s 2017-2018 federal priorities agenda. The Board went into breakout sessions to discuss transportation planning and design, designing for pollinators, and water and stormwater management. Each group reported out its recommendations which will be compiled by the government affairs staff.
Chapter Model Constitution and Bylaws Revisions
Parliamentarian Williams and Secretary Millay presented revisions recommended by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. The proposed changes align with revisions to the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws approved by the Board at midyear.
Annual Meeting and EXPO Briefing
Director DePass, Director Apollonio, and Senior Sales Manager Brach provided background information on the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO attendance, revenue, education opportunities, and special events. Brach explained the importance of supporting our vendors on the EXPO floor.
Administrative Policy Revisions
The 2016 Annual Operating Plan called for review of all ASLA administrative policies. Going forward as a management best practice, ASLA will review its core governance documents, including administrative policies, every five years. EVP Somerville reviewed all the suggested revisions to the 18 administrative policies.
ASLA Statement on Climate Change
VP Gyorgyfalvy and Director Blackwell asked the Board to review the current ASLA Statement on Climate Change and provide input and recommendations for subtopics, specific design techniques, state-of-the art research, achievable policy recommendations, and other appropriate comments to be included in a 2017 update. The Board went into breakout session and reported back on their discussions and results.
Rebranding Update
VP Stanley and Director Poltrack reported on progress to date on the rebranding effort. After four firms were interviewed on September 19, the Rebranding Task Force selected Poulin + Morris. Richard Poulin gave an introduction of his firm and its work to the Board.
Open Forum: Part 2
Topics raised for discussion included leadership visits, selling chapter publications at the annual meeting, annual meeting revenue sharing with chapters, reviewing Agricultural policy rationale, social media for BOT discussion, member transfer from one chapter to another, complimentary memberships, lapsed member outreach, LA ride at the Los Angeles annual meeting, new overtime rules, salary survey, and status of BOT mentorship program.
Acknowledgements and Recognitions
President Danos recognized departing officers and trustees and asked them give parting remarks. He presented the officers and the trustees with plaques and certificates for their service.
Time and Place of Next Meeting
The time and place of the next meeting will be April 28-29, 2017, in Washington, DC.
There being no further business at 12:21 pm on Friday, October 21, 2016, the meeting adjourned.

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