ASLA Fellowship

Nominations for Fellowship in ASLA

The NCASLA Fellows Committee (Chris Hilt, Bill Flournoy, Larry Zucchino, Dan Howe and Mark Hough) remains committed to providing the support to be nominated for Fellowship in ASLA.  To be nominated by the Chapter for the Fellows Class of 2016 or 2017, please call or email a NCASLA Fellows Committee Member as soon as possible and begin the process to meet the following schedule:


To be considered for nomination for elevation to the ASLA Council of Fellows, an individual must:

  • Be a current ASLA Full Member or International Member in good standing
  • Have achieved at least 10 continuous years of FULL membership at the time of nomination.
  • Have demonstrated exceptional contributions over an extended period of time.
  • Have made a significant positive impact on the public and the profession.
  • Have received recognition for those contributions from multiple sources.


  • Communicate your interest to us and meet or talk with a member of the committee.



  • Tell your story.  Set up a file of resumes, bios, photographs, recognition by others
  • Go to and read the requirements for Fellowship


  • Read the stories on the Council of Fellows in previous ASLA Classes on the ASLA Web Site, sub category “Council of Fellows”.
  • Talk with other Fellows, any of the Fellows Committee Members, and colleagues in other fields.
  • Obtain support from colleagues and friends that know you and your work/contributions to help you tell your story and help prepare your nomination.



Outline information, document awards/recognition by the profession and community, identify individuals (peers, clients, friends, and others) that provide testimonials to the category selected.  In the works category, compile professional photographs that help illustrate your story.

2015/2016 (Proposed Schedule)

15 August      First draft due to NCASLA Fellows Committee- form, bio, photos, draft

15 October*   Fellows Committee & applicant coordinate to complete the draft

15 January     Fellows Committee submits to President of NCASLA

01 February  Nomination file/documents/photographs complete

*At October deadline, Fellows Committee may suggest that nominee wait to submit for Class of 2017 based on work required to complete nomination.*

Late February  Submit Fellows nominations to ASLA (tentative date-please refer to website for exact dates)

April – May       FASLA jury and notification

Oct. – Nov.       Annual Meeting Induction Ceremony

Please start today and let us know how we can help!

Christine Hilt, FASLA
Chair, NCASLA Fellows Committee

William Flournoy, FASLA
Member, NCASLA Fellows Committee

Larry Zucchino, FASLA
Member, NCASLA Fellows Committee

Dan Howe, FASLA
Member, NCASLA Fellows Committee

Mark Hough, FASLA
Member, NCASLA Fellows Committee