June 2014 President's Message

June 2014 President's Message

Summer Stamina

Keith Downing, ASLA
President 2013-2014

NCASLA has been on the move and very busy since the Tri-State ASLA Conference at the beginning of April. In this newsletter, we will recap events from the spring and announce events for the summer and fall. We have had great momentum the first half of the year and I look forward to carrying the chapter forward with the same energy through summer and fall.      

Tri-State ASLA Conference Re-Cap
There were over 200 attendees from 5 different states and over 60 vendors making this event our biggest and best to date. There are many that deserve special thanks including the NCASLA conference planning committee, South Carolina Chapter ASLA and Georgia Chapter ASLA and our association management firm, Blue Star Services.

Reporting of CE Hours
Please remember each attendee is responsible for reporting their CE Hours to the North Carolina Board of Landscape Architects.  The correct reporting number for the Tri-State event is 9865.

ASLA Advocacy Day and Chapter Presidents Council in Washington, DC
President-Elect, Mike Mullis and I traveled to Washington, DC for ASLA's annual Advocacy on the Hill. Chapter Presidents and other chapter representatives from all 50 states travel to Washington, DC annually to meet with their federal senators and representatives to advocate issues important to the profession of Landscape Architecture. This year the issues being discussed on the federal level were transportation based.

We advocated for:

  • MAP-21 Re-authorization and TAP which includes funding for TAP (Transportation Alternatives Program), Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails Program and Transportation Alternatives Funding. We urged our Congress to complete its work on a final long term comprehensive transportation bill that includes active transportation programs and policies, which are providing economic opportunities for landscape architects and other professionals and helping create vibrant communities.
  • The Safe Streets Act: Making Our Streets Safe for Everyone - HR 2468 and S2004. This act was previously known as Complete Streets. Complete streets, as we know, save lives, save money and promote small business.
  • The New Opportunities for Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Act: Allowing Access for All Communities - HR 3978. This act allows a small portion of the funding to become available to smaller communities with a lower project cost ceiling to qualify.

If you would like more information on any of these issues, please visit http://www.asla.org/GovernmentAffairs.aspx

Please DO NOT forget that National ASLA is a huge resource for us and there are many people doing wonderful things for our profession there!  

At the Chapter Presidents Council Meeting, Mike and I gathered with Chapter Leaders from across the state to listen to what they are doing, what they are experiencing and how they are operating their chapters. ASLA also teaches us and reminds us of the basics to keep our chapter on the straight and narrow!

NC Legislative Affairs
Recently, May 21, 2014, H1191 Authority to Adopt Local Ordinances: House Bill 1191 was introduced in the NC General Assembly. This legislation would, among other things, prevent counties and municipalities from regulating "the removal, replacement, and preservation of trees on private property within its jurisdiction. A link to the legislation can be found here: http://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2013/Bills/House/PDF/H1191v0.pdf

Please contact your state legislators and let them know that you oppose legislation restricting counties' and municipalities' ability to enact tree ordinances. Click Here to Find Your State Legislators.

Public Relations

April 15, 2014, members of the Executive Committee met with Governor Pat McCrory, as he proclaimed April 2014 National Landscape Architecture month for the State of North Carolina.   

Pictured left to right  Ed Johnson ASLA Immediate Past President;
Keith Downing ASLA, President; Governor Pat McCrory;

Tim Maloney ASLA Member At Large Advocacy; MIke Mullis ASLA, President Elect,
Howard Capps ASLA Member
At Large Public Relations

NCASLA Legislative Day and Advocacy Social
This week you received a message from the ASLA Advocacy Network calling for you to TAKE ACTION! Please join us for the upcoming Advocacy Social June 18 at the City of Raleigh Urban Design Center and the Legislative Breakfast in Raleigh June 19 at the Legislative Cafeteria. This year we are trying something new with the evening Advocacy Social. Please join your colleagues in an evening of networking and preparation for the Advocacy Breakfast. With all the issues facing the profession of Landscape Architecture and the new atmosphere in state legislature, DO NOT miss this opportunity to meet with your Legislators!

Thanks to you and our lobbyist, this event has grown both in success and attendance every year! We expect the same this year and I look forward to seeing YOU on June 19 talking with our Legislators!

Register for the Advocacy Social
Register for the Legislative Breakfast

Chapter Elections
As you can see, the North Carolina Chapter of ASLA is on the Move! We need leaders - We need YOU! This fall the following positions for leadership in NCASLA and the Executive Committee will be available. Be prepared to submit your name to lead, grow and promote the profession of landscape architecture along with and for your colleagues! Complete the following online form, if you are interested in serving.Click here to Volunteer  

President Elect
Member at Large - Awards
Member at Large - Public Relations
Associate Member at Large - Membership
Charlotte Section Chair
Triad Section Chair
Triangle Section Chair

Remaining 2014 Chapter Calendar



Advocacy Social



Legislative Breakfast



Executive Committee Meeting - Raleigh



Executive Committee Meeting - Triad Section



NCASLA Pre-Budget Meeting 2015



Executive Committee Meeting - Pinehurst



Chapter Election Results to National



Chapter Presidents Council Meeting Denver CO



ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo Denver CO


Support Lobbyist for your Profession Now
If you are a full member of NCASLA, $40.00 of the $100.00 NCASLA membership fee goes directly to support our Lobbyist. These funds help advocate Landscape Architecture and alert us to any political or legal concerns that may affect the professional practice and/or title act of Landscape Architecture. There are over ±700 licensed Landscape Architects in the State of North Carolina. Among those ±700, 321 are Full Members of the Society.

Join your colleagues and donate to support our legislative efforts. For less than the price of one tank of gas you can help protect and support the profession of Landscape Architecture in North Carolina.

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