December 2014 Immediate Past President's Message

December 2014 Immediate Past President's Message

A Season of Celebration and Time to be Thankful
Keith Downing, ASLA
Immediate Past President 2013-2014

I am thankful for the opportunity that NCASLA membership has given me to lead the chapter over the past year.  It is difficult to put in words the opportunities and experiences both rewarding and challenging into words.  I am also thankful for all the hard work and support the Executive Committee and membership has provided to help achieve the goals of the Chapter. 

The following is a summary of things that the Chapter accomplished over the past year:

  • Marsha Wyly was appointed to the “Governor’s Advisory Council for Small and Historically Underutilized Businesses.
  • Ron Price was re-appointed to another term on the NC Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board where he holds the position of Secretary.
  • Lynn Raker successfully led a Community Assistance Team (CAT) for the Davidson County Wil-Cox Bridge.  This event was well attended by NCASLA members.
  • Juanita Shearer-Swink received the Outstanding Service Award from ASLA.
  • Daniel Howe, City of Raleigh, received Fellow recognition
  • Mark Hough, Duke University, received Fellow recognition
  • Richard Bell received the ASLA Medal from ASLA
  • William Flournoy received the Community Service Award from ASLA
  • U.S. Representative David Price received Honorary Membership from ASLA     
  • Hosted the first ever Advocacy Social to provide information to help members speak to their Legislators
  • Met with North Carolina Senators and Representatives at the  National ASLA Advocacy Day in Washington, DC to lobby for and discuss issues critical to the Landscape Architecture profession.
  • The NC April Advocacy day was the most attended to date by both members and Legislators
  • Randal Romie, Triad Section, was interviewed by Fox News 8
  • The Tri-State Conference was the biggest and most successful conference hosted by NCASLA to date
  • Governor McCrory signed a Proclamation for Landscape Architecture Month
  • Put out legislative “fires” such as the Tree Ordinance and Erosion Control fast track permitting
  • Successfully got Larry Ragland into the NCDENR Fast Track Permitting workgroup.
  • Put together a committee to help identify the operating needs of the Chapter which led to publicly soliciting for Association Management/Executive Director services.  The selection committee successfully interviewed four firms and Blue Star Services was selected to continue as our Association Management Firm for an additional three years.
  • The Chapter once again was able to send the President-Elect, President and Past President along with Association Management to the Chapter Presidents Council in Denver, Colorado
  • Had a successful Election year.  I am very excited to say there are many NEW people on the Executive Committee for the 2014-2016 time frame.  It is very exciting to see membership stepping up and getting involved!

2014 - 2015 NCASLA Executive Committee


R. Michael Mullis, ASLA

Past President

Keith Downing, ASLA

President Elect

Zachary Pierce, ASLA


Emily  Blackwell, ASLA


Lora A. Greco, ASLA


Timothy W. Maloney, ASLA

Member At Large - Awards

Stephanie Kelly, ASLA

Member At Large - Communication

Jacqui Harris, Associate ASLA

Member At Large - Legislative Affairs

Open Position

Member At Large - Membership

Mark Matthew Phillips, Associate ASLA

Member At Large - Public Relations

Scott  Arnold, ASLA

Charlotte Section Chair

Michael E. Askin, ASLA

Coastal Section Chair

Myriah M. Shewchuk, ASLA

Triad Section Chair

Avery A. Telligman, Associate ASLA

Triangle Section Chair

Jonathan E. Parsons, ASLA

Mountain Section Chair

Susannah Horton, Associate ASLA

NCSU Liaison

Gene Bressler, FASLA

NC A&T Liaison

Anna  Reaves, ASLA

Wake Tech Liaison

Marlys  de Alba, ASLA

  • Continued efforts and improvements have been made to the NCASLA website.  Our Communications Chair, Jacqui Harris, is always open to receiving Landscape Architecture news to keep our website up to date and active.
  • Continued efforts are being made to improve social media use, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Your North Carolina Chapter is very active and very successful!  We only can achieve these goals and standards with participation and support from our membership!