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DesignSprint 2019 | The Landscape of Climate Change

DesignSprint 2019 | The Landscape of Climate Change- March 20-23, 2019

Sponsored by NC State Design, Department of Landscape Architecture

Design thinking can play a key role in building strategies to address the issues brought on by climate change, such as sea level rise, severe storms, flooding, fires, and drought. The nature of these issues demands a diversity of views and multidisciplinary approaches in order to develop innovative solutions that can strengthen communities’ resilience. Although it is a short time frame, DesignSprint offers a dedicated forum for exploring the possibilities of fun, intensive, and collaborative work in service to designing solutions to one of the grand challenges of our time. It is a continuation, and an adaptation of the previous DesignWeek model but will emphasize process and encourage ideas in addition to our previous efforts visualizing living with floods.


About teaming, advising, and other roles

We welcome NCASLA Members to participate during DesignSprint. We realize that not everyone can participate for the entire 4-day period.  We are most interested in your availability in the afternoon of Wednesday March 20 (to advise students) and/or the morning of Saturday March 23 (to serve as the jury reviewing team proposals). 

 Therefore, we ask that you take a few minutes to participate in the survey linked here:

The survey will ask at what level you are able to participate and your preferred topic. This information will be used for planning so please try to fill out the survey as soon as possible.


Keynote Speaker confirmed! Ignacio Bunster-Ossa

Since our last information session, we have confirmed that Ignacio Bunster-Ossa will be the Keynote Speaker Tuesday March 19. Mr. Bunster-Ossa is a distinguished landscape architecture practitioner, leading the landscape architecture practice group at AECOM, and serving as chair of the climate change task force for the Landscape Architecture Foundation. For more on Ignacio see this link: 


Creativity and Design Process

We are also happy to have Dr. Ryan Hargrove come and be a part of DesignSprint 2019. Ryan teaches at the University of Kentucky, and has extensive research and practice experience helping groups unlock their creative process. Ryan will help to kickstart the first full day of DesignSprint and be available to assist teams through the process. For more on Ryan please see this link:


A note about the intent of the event

Although the context of this effort is climate change, the emphasis of DesignSprint 2019 is on BIG IDEAS. Over four days, we hope to simulate the combinations of talent and skills needed to generate, interrogate, and share creative ideas that could lead to solutions to combat the impacts of climate change. No one is expecting the answer to these complex challenges in a compressed time frame. However, BIG IDEAS, well thought through and articulated, can alter conversations, point in unexplored directions, and lead to unexpected consequences as we strive to address one of the grand challenges of our time. Hence Design Sprint 2019 will offer a program that includes workshops/work sessions, expert consultancy, and inspiring talks and conversations from March 20 to March 23, 2019.