Strategic Plan

The North Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects strategic plan is organized into four categories based upon the ASLA national strategic objectives:

  • Advocacy and Awareness

  • Member Services and Support

  • Supporting the Future of the Profession

  • Governance and Management

Advocacy & Awareness

Goal: Increased public visibility and knowledge of landscape architecture

Objective 1: Define an identity of the profession for use in public education and influence

Initiative 1.1: Conduct a charrette to develop an identity of the profession

Objective 2: Develop a communications plan and strategy based upon the newly developed “identity of the profession” in order to improve advocacy and awareness, membership support, and the future of the profession

Initiative 2.1: Annually, evaluate and update communications plan and strategy and select key area of the profession to highlight throughout all Chapter communications, programming and events

Objective 3: Improve knowledge of the profession with legislators

Initiative 3.1: Continued utilization of a lobbyist

Initiative 3.2: Develop an advocacy plan

Member Services & Support

Goal: Members and non-members understand the value of the organization and are engaged in Chapter activities

Objective 1: Foster regular and consistent communications with members and non-members

Initiative 1.1: Deploy the annual communications strategy

Initiative 1.2: Hold new member webinars each quarter

Initiative 1.3: Create and publish a list of volunteer opportunities for members

Initiative 1.4: Publish volunteer opportunity list through website, emails, and hosted events

Objective 2: Offer and promote opportunities to obtain continuing education

Initiative 2.1: Provide continuing education credits through the following:

  • Annual meeting

  • Section events

  • Lunch & Learns

Initiative 2.2: Promote university-sponsored, continuing education qualifying lectures to membership

Initiative 2.3: Promote and provide a link on Chapter website to NC Board of Landscape Architecture approved continuing education opportunities

Objective 3: Strengthen chapter sections engagement

Initiative 3.1: Develop and deploy a survey to the membership of each section in order to identify areas of interest, and develop a plan for additional programing and events

Initiative 3.2: Section committee chairs to meet quarterly

Objective 4: Build membership

Initiative 4.1: Create a plan to increase affiliate membership

Initiative 4.2: Feature the optional payment plans for membership dues in communications to members and non-members

Objective 5: Enhance fellowship and networking opportunities for members of the profession and with industry partners

Initiative 5.1: Hold regular continuing education and relationship building/networking events

Initiative 5.2: Provide engagement opportunities targeted at emerging professionals

Initiative 5.3: Engage industry partners in the annual meeting and in section events

Initiative 5.4: Develop regular communications with industry partners

Supporting the Future of the Profession

Goal: Robust landscape architecture higher education programs and strong relationships between landscape architecture students and the Chapter

Objective 1: Strengthen the Chapter’s relationships with leaders of the state’s higher education programs

Initiative 1.1: Identify key liaison with each higher education program

Objective 2: Improve relationships with, and Chapter resources for, landscape architecture and other interested higher education students

Initiative 2.1: Hold an annual chapter “graduation party” for recent graduates

Initiative 2.2: Highlight scholarships and awards (sponsored or non-sponsored) available to students

Initiative 2.3: Research expanding student award and scholarship programs

Initiative 2.4: Begin mentor programs at Wake Tech and NC A&T

Initiative 2.5: Promote student and emerging professional participation in ASLA National Advocacy Day and NCASLA legislative events

Goal: A growing number of actively engaged emerging professionals

Objective 1: Provide social networking and licensure education opportunities

Initiative 1.1: Develop a plan to provide LARE guidance to emerging Professionals

Initiative 1.2: Host events, primarily in the Triangle/Charlotte area, geared toward emerging professionals

Initiative 1.3: Host an emerging professional one-day symposium in 2019 (topic ideas: licensure and ethics)

Initiative 1.4: Identify opportunities to engage emerging professionals at the annual conference or regional meeting

Initiative 1.5: Promote participation of emerging professionals in state and federal legislative advocacy

Goal: Increased knowledge and awareness of landscape architecture by K-12 students

Objective 1: Provide chapter membership the necessary skills and opportunities to reach K-12 students

Initiative 1.1: Create a focused education campaign to targeted schools/organizations based upon the chapter’s communications plan strategy

Initiative 1.2: Hold a workshop at the annual conference on conducting education and outreach to young students

Initiative 1.3: Explore chapter engagement in the Future Landscape Architects of America program

Governance and Management

Goal: An efficient and effectively run Chapter

Objective 1: Implement a transparent and sustainable strategic direction for the Chapter

Initiative 1.1: Develop and follow a fiscally responsible annual budget

Initiative 1.2: Develop an annual operating plan/governance calendar

Initiative 1.3: Hold monthly Executive Committee meetings and an annual retreat

Initiative 1.4: Create an archival plan for the Chapter

Initiative 1.5: Conduct strategic planning every five years with initiatives reviewed annually

Initiative 1.6: Conduct by-laws review every five years

Initiative 1.7: Conduct Executive Committee Orientation training at the annual Executive Committee retreat

Initiative 1.8: Review and update position descriptions for committee leaders and volunteers in order to provide a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities

Initiative 1.9: Review and update standard operating procedures for committees

Goal: Engaged and supportive industry partners

Objective 1: Increase opportunities for engagement with industry partners

Initiative 1.1: Invite industry partners to contribute to Chapter website

Initiative 1.2: Work with industry partners to host tours of their facilities

Initiative 1.3 Continue to offer industry partners event sponsorship opportunities

Initiative 1.4: Involve industry partners in relevant legislative initiatives

Initiative 1.5: Provide networking opportunities between industry partners and chapter members

Initiative 1.6: Develop increased exposure and greater participation opportunities for industry partners at the annual conference

Goal: Productive relationships with allied organizations that enhance and advance the profession

Objective 1: Strengthen chapter relationship with the NC Board of Landscape Architects (NCBLA)

Initiative 1.1: Conduct a joint meeting between NCBLA and the Chapter Executive Committee

Initiative 1.2: Regular attendance of an Executive Committee member at all NCBLA meetings

Initiative 1.3: Provide a link on the Chapter’s website to NCBLA’s CEU calendar of events

Initiative 1.4: Discuss with NCBLA the possibility of hosting a joint “licensure” celebration event

Objective 2: Strengthen and improve relationships with allied organizations

Initiative 2.1: Identify key allied professions, respective organization contacts, and collaboration opportunities

Initiative 2.2: Identify key community organizations, respective organizational contacts, and collaboration opportunities

Initiative 2.3: Identify key civic associations/organizations, contacts, and opportunities for education and advocacy