2019 Southeast Regional Conference Logo Competition

Design a logo for the 2019 ASLA Southeast Regional Conference (SERC) and win complimentary registration!

A logo entered in this competition must:

  1. Include the following typographic elements: ASLA SERC 2019. (No other typographic elements can be added to the logo entries for this contest.)

  2. Be legible and effective when scaled for different executions, i.e., program book cover, nametags, promotional material, social media, screens, clothing and print.

  3. Use of the ASLA logo is not allowed.

  4. Retain a sense of balance and internal integrity when typographical elements are removed.

  5. Reflect the diversity of interests within ASLA.

  6. Be reproducible in solid tones using one color (black). No tints, no blends, no gradations are allowed.

  7. NOT INCLUDE COPYRIGHTED ARTWORK. This means no clip‐art. All elements must be student creations.

For a logo entry to be eligible, entrants are required to submit their logo entry as a JPEG file (.jpg). Initial digital file submittals are limited in size to 16MB for upload on the website.

If your logo is selected, files must be available in both EPS and JPEG format at a high resolution for reproduction. The JPEG version of the logo must be identical to the EPS version in terms of design, dimensions, proportion, etc.

The EPS version must have all of its type converted to outlines. The EPS file format is required because it is a vector-based format that provides better reproduction.

The file names must bear the first initial and last name of the entrant (for example: rSmithLogo1.jpg).

Entries must be the work of students enrolled in an accredited graduate or undergraduate landscape architecture program. No team entries are allowed. Individual students only.

SERC will retain all rights to selected logo.


Please upload each logo entry’s JPEG (.jpg) file to the application website at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PML2H8G

Questions regarding the 2019 logo competition may be sent to the ASLA SERC 2019 Logo Competition Chair, Britt Storck at: brittstorck@altaplanning.com.

Deadline for questions is September 17, 2018. 

PDF of guidelines here.